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List of Annual Dues Subscriptions as of 3/26/18:

Name: Subscribed Since:
Angela Baker 6/6/2016
Annette Compton 4/10/2018
Bradley A Sanford 9/2/2015
Brenda Hayes 7/27/2018
Chad Gamble 4/4/2016
Chris Leschber 10/27/2016
George Ohlendorf 1/25/2018
Janna Briggs 3/27/2016
Jennifer Lane 5/17/2016
John David UECHI 8/2/2017
John Pollard 3/9/2016
Kenneth A Johnson 9/20/2016
Mark Hovenkamp 4/22/2017
Michael Cable 4/14/2016
Scott Dulock 1/7/2018
Setta Smith 4/20/2018
Steve Summers 5/8/2018
Susan Hopper 3/27/2016
Victoria Davis 9/1/2016
William B Dryden Jr. 2/1/2016
William Peckham 4/14/2016

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