👍 WCAMC Newsletter: Thur Reveille Breakfast | Saturday Hullabaloo Huddle

4 Oct

October 4, 2017



We have entered ‘FALL’ and I am sure we’re all ready for the weather to change. Hard to believe that the football season ‘JUST STARTED” and already we are at the midpoint come this weekend. Six games in and the season will be half over after the ‘Bama’ game. That is hard to believe, certainly a case of ‘hurry up and wait’. It seems like it takes forever for the season to get here and then it flies by. The football team, while young, has certainly rebounded from their opening weekend heartache. A little growth each week and we continue to see small steps in a positive direction. Kyle Field should have a dynamic atmosphere this weekend with another night game. Everyone needs to be loud and support the team, ‘We have seen them win, seen them lose but e have never seen them quit’. Let’s be sure to support the team, regardless of the outcome.
Soccer and volleyball have begun conference play, while the volleyball team has had a rough go as of late, they are still exciting to watch. Be sure to put a match on your calendar if you happen to be in town. The soccer team is playing well and has had the SEC offensive player of the week, two weeks in a row. Congratulations to Ally Watt in the Aggies on a four-game winning streak.
The men’s golf team won a huge tournament over the weekend and may be on the road to making noise nationally. Long season so lets hope they continue to play well, stay healthy and keep it in the short grass.
To shift gears for a moment we have a big announcement. At our annual membership meeting in January, at the request of our club members, we decided to endow our first WCAMC Aggie Scholarship. While we have awarded scholarships from our club for over 25 years, we have never endowed an ongoing scholarship through the University. With overwhelming support from our club members, we began the process of doing just that. After much discussion and following the parameters of our own A&M Club Foundation and scholarship requirements, we are proud to announce that we have officially set up and are working to endow a scholarship with the Texas A&M Foundation! As a club, we will have 5 years to complete the fundraising of $25,000 to make this an ongoing scholarship recognizing our WilCo A&M Club. All donations are made directly to the TEXAS A&M FOUNDATION designated to our WCAMC fund. These donations are tax-deductible and many companies with ‘matching gift’ programs will be eligible as well. I am proud to say, that while this has just been established in the last few weeks, we are already 12% towards our final goal. If you had planned on making a contribution to the University, please consider this option as well. In addition, if you have not paid your annual club dues, we will also use funds from that source on an annual basis. You can donate online at www.txamfoundation.com/give.aspx. Choose “UNLISTED ACCOUNT” in the “I would like to give to” drop-down. Then type WCAMC #0407309 in the “Giving Account Name or Number” field. After that enter your donation amount and proceed with the personal and payment details required.

Due to the recent weather, the WilCo Aggie Moms’ Club has rescheduled their golf tournament. Please find updated information here: https://birdeasepro.com/AggieMomsGolf

Don’t forget to check out our weekly event’s as well as our Hullabaloo Huddle watch parties being held on the patio at Buffalo Wild Wings in Georgetown.
BTHO Bama! & Gig’Em,

David A. Johnson ’87
President, WCAMC

Are you a ‘RECENT GRADUATE’ of Texas A&M? (within the last 5-7 years) If so the Association of Former Students is looking for ways to help you connect with your local A&M Club. That transition from school to the ‘REAL WORLD’ can be a little challenging, perhaps you are not sure where to begin. The Young Alumni Advisory Council would love to help you connect with 7,000+ Young Alumni who follow the Texas A&M Young Alumni Facebook page. If you are looking for ways to get plugged in this is a great way, in addition to the WCAMC. They also host a special weekend in the fall on campus. This year it will be Oct 27-28 during the Mississippi State weekend.