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Williamson County A&M Foundation



Williamson County A&M Foundation (WilCoAMF) scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement

  • Financial need

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Community involvement

  • Work history

  • The students’ statements regarding expected academic major

  • Reasons for wanting to attend TAMU

Applicant must be:

  • A resident of Williamson County

  • Attend Texas A&M University in College Station or Texas A&M at Galveston

  • A graduating high school senior (when submitting the application)

  • Scholarship amounts are for a total of two semesters, one-half of the award paid in the freshman fall semester & one-half paid in the freshman spring semester unless otherwise noted below.

Scholarships Offered:

  • (2) $1000 Embree Group Scholarship (preference given to Construction Science Major)

Endowed Scholarships:

In the past we have awarded other “local” scholarships, but a couple years ago our we began a matching program with local families to endow scholarships with the Texas A&M Foundation.  This year our endowed scholarships will be awarded through the Texas A&M Financial Aid office and their application process.  They will have the same or very similar requirements as listed above.

  • (2) WilCoAMF Wade Family Endowment

  • (1) WilCoAMF Ross Family Endowment

  • (1) WilCoAMF Schell Family Endowment

Application Process and Deadlines:

To apply, please fill out one of the following forms completely. While letters of recommendation and high school transcripts are not required, they may be attached to the application.

Applications must be RECEIVED by April 1st, no applications will be accepted after this date.

(if April 1st should fall on a Sunday, then application acceptance is extended to April 2nd)


Scholarship recipients will be notified by April 10th and the scholarships will be awarded at the WCAMC Aggie Muster on April 21st of each year.

Please mail applications to:

William Peckham, Scholarship Chairman
Williamson County A&M Foundation
407 Round Rock Ave.
Round Rock, Texas 78664

(The application may also be delivered to the above business address of Round Rock Travel during normal business hours, 9am – 4pm M-F, prior to the application deadline of April 1st.)

Download the scholarship application

It is strongly recommended that you download this form, type in your answers, print and sign the completed application.

scholarship application

A letter from our Scholarship Chair:

The Williamson County A&M Foundation is dedicated to providing scholarships for Williamson County seniors graduating from high school and planning to attend our alma mater. Not only are we dedicated to this endeavor, it is the singular focus of the organization.

The scholarship program began in the late 80’s under the leadership of Tommy Magness, in what was then the Georgetown-Sherrill A&M Club. From a modest $500 total award for a single student, through the growth of the club and generosity of its members, we have expanded our program to award multiple $5000 scholarships annually. Our scholarships are given based on need, scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities and community involvement. The scholarship recipients are introduced and given their award at Muster each year.

The scholarships are funded by our annual Fish Fry held in May/June and through donations by club members and TAMU supporters. There are a tremendous number of deserving, talented and capable high school seniors that can benefit from your foresight and generosity.

We currently have many students on scholarship at the University and would like to increase that number. With your support, we can expand what is a very good program into an even better one. Please join me in continuing a vital tradition that strengthens our University with quality students.

Thank you for your support of this program and Gig ‘Em!

William Peckham ’93
Scholarship Chairman