Endowed Scholarship

Y’all did it!!!!  You helped us raise $25,000 to endow the first WilCo A&M Club Endowed Scholarship.  Now we are continuing to raise funds and grow the endowment.  Once we reach $50,000 this will endow a second scholarship.

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Howdy Ags,

At our 2017 annual membership meeting in January, at the request of our club members, we voted to begin fundraising to endow our first Williamson County A&M Club scholarship with the Texas A&M Foundation. While we have awarded scholarships from our Williamson County A&M Foundation for over 25 years, and will continue to do so with our Fish Fry and other fundraisers, we have never endowed a scholarship through the Texas A&M Foundation that, once funded, will award a scholarship in perpetuity.

With overwhelming support, in the form of pledges, from our A&M Club members, we began the process of doing just that. After much discussion and modeling this endowment as closely as we could to that of our current Williamson County A&M Foundation scholarship selection parameters, we are proud to announce that we have officially set up and are now fundraising to endow a scholarship with the Texas A&M Foundation!

As an A&M Club, we will have 5 years to complete the fundraising of $25,000 to make this an ongoing scholarship recognizing our Williamson County A&M Club. (This milestone was reached in 2020.)

All donations are made directly to the TEXAS A&M FOUNDATION designated to our WCAMC fund. These donations are tax-deductible and many companies with ‘matching gift’ programs will enable your gifts to make an even greater impact. If you had planned on making a contribution to the University, please consider this option as well.

You can donate online:


(The above link should prepopulate the account number, but if it does not then choose “UNLISTED ACCOUNT” in the first drop-down and type “WCAMC #0407309″ in the giving account name or number field as shown below.)

Or you may mail in a donation, make your check out to the “Texas A&M Foundation” and write “WCAMC #0407309″ in the memo line so that it is applied to the correct endowment account.

Texas A&M Foundation
401 George Bush Dr.
College Station, TX 77840