2021 Muster

Howdy and thank you for joining us for our 2021 Aggie Muster.

Aggie Muster

“Softly call the Muster, let a comrade answer ‘Here’…”


Welcome & Invocation – Abby Williford ’06

WCAMC Announcements – Carlos May ’06

Scholarship Recipients – Will Peckham IV ’93


Haley Williams
East View High School
Dr. Patrick Breen WCAMF Scholarship $5000


Megan Herring
Georgetown High School
Jack Wade WCAMF Scholarship $5000


Bemnet Sileshi
Cedar Park High School
WilCo A&M Foundation Scholarship $5000


Trevor Baese
Round Rock High School
Embree Scholarship $1000


Gavin Hatcher
Round Rock High School
Embree Scholarship $1000


Luis Becerra
Vista Ridge High School
Hayes Family Endowment


Ashton Jordan
Liberty Hill High School
WilCo A&M Club Endowment


James Family Endowment


Introduction of Speaker – Andy Webb ’96

Muster Speaker:
Ross Bjork
Director of Texas A&M Athletics
Ross Bjork

Roll Call – Bruce Katt ’72 & Pat Katt ’72


Silver Taps

Silver Taps is a special rendition of Taps unique to Texas A&M. The buglers play “Taps” three times: once to the north, once to the south, and once to the west, but never to the east, because it is said the sun will never rise on that fallen Aggie again.


“The Last Corps Trip” – Patrick “Doc” Breen ‘78

Spirit of Aggieland

Some may boast of prowess bold
Of the school they think so grand
But there’s a spirit can ne’er be told
It’s the Spirit of Aggieland

We are the Aggies, the Aggies are we
True to each other as Aggies can be
We’ve got to fight boys
We’ve got to fight!
We’ve got to fight for Maroon and White

After they’ve boosted all the rest
Then they will come and join the best
For we are the Aggies, the Aggies are we
We’re from Texas AMC

T-E-X-A-S  A-G-G-I-E
Fight! Fight! Fight-fight-fight!
Fight, Maroon! And White-white-white!
Texas! Texas! A-M-C
Gig’Em! Aggies! 1-2-3!
Farmers fight! Farmers fight!
Fight! Fight!
Farmers, farmers, fight!

Closing – Abby Williford ’06


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